About Us Here at Donna Confuso

If you happen to be a youth or have any interest in the youth of today at all then you have come to the right site. That is what we are all about here – the youth. There is no doubt that the youth of today is an exciting and vibrant generation and have much to offer.

This site is dedicated to imparting some ideas and sharing viewpoints about the distinctive features of modern-day youth and touches on many different topics that pertain to this specific age group.

As with any generation, there are always points of issues and complaints. The youth seem to be one of the major age groups that are often the subject of criticism. This has been going on for centuries and is not likely to change ever. One of the weaknesses that many adults seem to have is accepting that the youth is a new generation and have and will continue to develop their own style of thought and living. Hopefully, some of the posts here will allow those that struggle with the youth of today to broaden their thinking.

Some of the other interesting topics that have been covered here revolve around what youth culture is and whether it really exists. Then we will take a close look at the definition of youth. The age and concepts of youth are often taken for granted. Perhaps, the information shared here will help change that.

There is no doubt that the youth of today face challenges that were not present in their parent’s world when they were in this age group. The information here focuses on some of these issues and how they are being addressed.

This site has the mandate of providing some valuable insight about the youth of today looking at it from different perspectives.