Complaints about the Modern Youth

When one looks at the distinctive features of the modern youth of today, for some, it brings forth a whole list of complaints about this young age group. Some may think these complaints are justified while others do not.


Some elders feel that one of the features that the youth of today possess is an aura of rudeness. It is a matter of opinion for many. It could be that those of the older generation don’t realise that today’s youth do not accept the concept that they (the youth) should be seen but not heard. In other words, today’s young people believe they have a voice and they have the right to be heard. This may come across as rudeness but it has to be accepted that in some cases, young people do depict rudeness when trying to make a point.

Lack of Responsibility

Another common complaint is that many young people seem to take things for granted. They look and behave as though the society owes them something. They assume that their parents are responsible for their education as well as other things in life that they want or have come to expect. What seems to be forgotten is that kids tend to learn from their parents. It is their elders who set the example, and if the youth of today are lacking in responsibility could it be a result of parents not setting enough expectations or maybe setting too many expectations? Have the adults set the scene for the youth of today acting in an irresponsive manner?

Some of the complaints about the youth of today that relates to the characteristics of the young ones have been around for many years. What has to be remembered is that young ones in today’s world face many challenges that are far different compared to those of other eras. At the same time, these young people are responsible for the future of the world at large.