Problems Modern Youth Face

Young people in each era have faced their own set of challenges and problems that they have to deal with. These set the tone for the type of qualities that they must possess in order to be successful in life.

Fast Paced Living

Most people will agree that the pace of living in today’s world is much faster when compared to the bygone eras. This means that young people must grow up much faster. It would seem that they don’t get the chance to enjoy their youth like perhaps their parents or grandparents did. Yet, they are often criticised for not accepting responsibilities. Kids are exposed to negative aspects such as drugs, alcohol and even peer pressure. This is a lot for them to handle and they need to be able to develop distinctive features that provide them with a coping mechanism.

Single Parent Families

A great number of the youth today have been raised in a single parent environment, mostly because of the increased number of divorces. No matter how hard the parent tried to do their best, they are usually alone and there can be some things that may have been lacking. Children depend on both parents for specific things. When the youth fails to enjoy this opportunity, it can set the tone for their character as they prepare for adulthood.

Increase in Violence

There is no questioning that violence has risen dramatically in many different facets of life including the school system. Young people have to cope with this and it can be overwhelming for them having to deal with bad scenarios where violence is increasingly present.


In most parts of the world, materialism is ruling. The young people have adapted these expectations of gauging almost everything on material items possessed. There is pressure to go to the most elite school, wear the best name brand clothes, and have the best of everything, without paying the price that comes with this type of lifestyle.